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Attendance & Payroll Software in Ahmednagar
  • For business purpose and industry, payroll system software managementis widly used nowdays, it can easily track all records of employees and it also maintains all salary sheet, incentives, attendance, performance measurements as well.

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Every company must process payroll system for its employees. As a company grows, a reliable system that processes payments quickly and easily becomes critical. In order to do this, companies have two options: outsourcing to a provider, or keeping payroll in-house. Cost and time savings are the main draw when outsourcing. A company avoids the fixed costs of a full-time salaried employee and staff can focus on their core competencies. However, by outsourcing, companies lose control over the process, and have less flexibility.

Organizations should perform a cost-benefit analysis, as when evaluating any other type of business decision. However, if once you have performed this analysis and decided that in-house is best for your company, there are many payroll solutions available to streamline the task. But determining which solution is best for you can be overwhelming. We've created this guide to help you basic idea of our payroll software system.

Here's what we'll cover all points in our software:

  • Employee Management
  • Salary Management
  • Attendance Management
  • Overtime Management
  • Account Section
  • Payroll Management
  • Multiple Login Facility
  • Schedule Management
  • Resource Management
  • HR Management
  • Various Reports
  • Leave Management
  • Payslip Management
  • Deduction Management
  • Sales Target
  • Delivery Management

Some Features

Employee Attendance

This feature allows employees to add check in and check out facility for perticular company to mark attendance. This software will store current check in and check out date and time for perticular user with their live location with the help of coordinates.

Employee Management

This panel allow admin to add type various types of employee like Worker, Manager, Developer, HR, Staff Members etc. and to assign role to them according to their profiles. it also manages section of employee records, and it's salary panel.

Leave Management

This section is to allow admin to grant leave for user which he applied for perticular day. and that notification sent to customer panel.

also it manages setion of leave and holiday management. i.e admin can add holidays for perticular days.

Overtime Management

it section allow you to manage overtime panel of employees so that admin can add overtime period to employee panel. accroding to overtime of employee the payment sheet will generate.

Payroll Managemet

Payroll Managemet section allow admin about payroll section of perticular employee and also manages reports for them accodring to their work profile and no. of hours he have worked in company

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