Online Job Portal System

Online Job Portal System

This is web based automated system in which system it helps to user to get online job based on their qualification The main aim of this portal is to develops as an Online Search Portal for the so that candidates can easily find new jobs online.

The objective of the project is to enable jobseekers to place their resumes and find appropriate jobs while companies to publish their vacancies and find good candidates. It enables jobseekers to post their resume, search for jobs, view personal job listings.

It will provide various companies to place their vacancy profile on the site and also have an option to search candidate resumes. Apart from job-seekers and Companies (Job Provider) there will be an admin module to manage complete Portal as well as jobseeker and companies.

Online Job Portal is developed for creating an interactive job vacancy Portal for candidates. This web application is to be conceived in its current form as a dynamic site-requiring constant updates both from the seekers as well as the companies.

The objective of the project is to enable jobseekers to place their resumes and find appropriate jobs while companies to publish their vacancies and find good candidates.

Administrator can manage whole website:

✔ Manage complete jobseeker section. Like: activate/deactivate/delete/ edit jobseeker's information.
✔ Admin user can view the jobseeker's applications for each job.
✔ Manage complete employer section. Admin user can activate/deactivate/delete/ edit company information.
✔ Manage posted jobs. Like: activate/deactivate/delete/edit posted job.
✔ Manage whole website content. Dynamic CMS is included to manage the content of the website.
✔ Manage multiple account like employee, Company, HR, Admin Panel.
✔ Admin user can send message to any jobseeker or job provider.
✔ Admin user can send bulk emails as well.
✔ Admin user can manage the skills section. Like: Add or remove skills from the website.
✔ Manage newsletters section
✔ Manage success stories
✔ Admin user can manage and handle the prohibited words for whole website.
✔ Admin user can add/edit countries, cities, salaries range, qualification, institutes, job industries, website ads.

The majority of job portals allow job seekers to sign up for a free account, which allows them to search job openings posted by employers and post their resumes for employers to review. Portals offer resume posting services, allowing job seekers to copy and paste resume information from a word processing document or build a new resume with online tools. Job portals often offer the option of submitting a completed resume, created from a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Job seekers can browse through job openings posted by employers and apply for positions through the job portal.

Job portals provide a centralized location for employers to post information about job openings. The majority of employment portals require a fee for employers to post job openings and respond to resumes, with varying terms depending on the job portal. Employers can browse through job seekers resumes to find potential matches for job openings. Job portals offer worldwide access for job seekers to view advertisements, providing employers with a wider variety of applicants and a broader candidate pool.

Employers can utilize job portal matching technology, allowing the system to find potential matches for employment openings. Sites can also feature partnerships with daily and weekly newspapers, providing print and online job advertising for employers. Individual job portals often maintain partnerships with other, industry-specific employment websites, offering advertising throughout a network of partners.

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