Online Bike Rental Management System

Online Bike Rental Management System

This is web based automated system in which system it helps to customer to get bike on rent basis also book bike or any vehicle online by choosing the listed items from website. and also it's also offers online fast, easy, money saving and interesting experience to end user. it has many advantages like 24 hours booking facility, booking with amazing discount coupan code, ,best vehicles availability at all time and it's great specifications etc.

Everything you need to rent your bikes. Manage your inventory, reservations, payments, maintenance, waivers, deliveries, tracking and reporting. Includes free online bookings with live availability to grow your rentals. No Commsion or any Third Party Involvement.

This is web based automated system in which system it helps to customer to get bike on rent basis This system is designed to help the customers to take bikes or two-wheelers on rent. When we go on any trip outside the town or country we want to be free of time so instead of going through metros and taxis we prefer to have our own vehicle for rent. Using this system vehicle owner can register as sellers and customers who want to take bikes on rent can register themselves as renters and can take any bike on rent.

Address of the both are required as the customer can only take bike by going to the address provided and the vehicle owners can know the address that a customer is verified or not. The customer also has to upload some proofs to take the bike on rent. Proofs like license, pan card and identity card are compulsory so that no one could run taking the bike. Any customer whose proofs are not uploaded and are not valid will not be allowed to take any bike on rent.

This has one admin account who verifies the registering user and two types of the user account. One for bike sellers and one for customers who take the bike on rent. This system has only one admin account and cannot have more than one admin account. Admin can verify and register the user who is registering. If the admin does not verify, the user cannot register.

Our system has two main modules. One is the admin and the other is the user. User module is again divided into two parts, either the user can be event or function arranger or customer. Along with these, we have other interfaces which can be discussed as below:

1. Bikes:

This is one of the most important modules. This module helps the customers to take any bike on rent from any bike seller. Status of bikes can be updated as soon as it gets free or it gets booked so that no other customer tries to book the same bike. The information that is added to a bike is its model no, vehicle no and owner name.

2. Login:

After registration, one can login into the system either as the event manager or the customer. The option to register either an employee or customer is given when the user is registering. The interface of this system depends upon the registration. If the user has registered as an employee then it will have options like arranging all the things as asked by a customer for an event. For the customer, the interface includes the option to check all the available event managers and can select any one for this event.

3. Admin:

This module is present only for one account. That is, no one can register as admin after the one account is created. Admin account has all the privileges, to check about any particular bike seller or customer, to block any account, to calculate the salary of the employees after deducting their leaves, to update the status about any event, to calculate the payment, making changes into accounts of users etc.

4. User:

As explained in the login section, the user can be of two types and both the users will have different interfaces and after the user has registered and login then the features provided can be used by the user. A user who has registered as the seller can update about the bikes that are free card can be given on rent. If the user is a customer then he can see all the available bikes that he can take on rent.

5. Payment:

This module is present so that customer can easily pay the amount as the amount paid through this system goes to admin and then admin can make the payments to all the event managers according to their work. It reduces the customer's headache. The customer can pay the amount through net banking, debit card or credit card.

6. Adding and Deleting Other Staff Members:

The other module that is provided in this system is that the data of all the staff members working in any workshop can be saved on it. The benefit of storing their information is that when any person is on leave and when the salary is calculated then this system can automatically calculate the salary by deducting the amount according to the leaves taken. The information that is added to the staff is a name, address, phone number, employee id, the job of the employee and the salary of the employee.

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